Wednesday, April 16, 2008

March for immigrant justice in Cote-des-neiges

A march for immigrant justice,
and against poverty, racism & racial profiling

SUNDAY, MAY 4th, 12:30pm
Starting Point: Corner of Victoria & Van Horne
(metro Plamondon, Van Horne exit)

This is a child-friendly demonstration.
Food and drinks will be available.
There will be vehicles on-hand for those with reduced mobility.

As part of a National Day of Action for immigrant rights, Solidarity Across Borders is again taking to the streets, with our allies, to demand justice and dignity for all migrants. In opposition to deportations and detentions, we demand STATUS FOR ALL! There is no such thing as an "illegal" human being, only illegitimate laws and governments.

Daily, we resist deportations and detentions, we fight for justice in the workplace, we demand safe and secure housing, and we oppose racism and racial profiling. In contrast to the xenophobia promoted by the false "reasonable accommodation" debate in Quebec, we take to the streets to celebrate our collective struggles for justice and dignity in all its diversity and strength.

This year, we march through the streets of Cote-des-Neiges, a predominantly poor, working class and immigrant neighbourhood. Our march will mark the culmination of "Mayworks!", a festival of working class and immigrant culture, organized by the Immigrant Workers Center (IWC). Our march is also part of the Mayday tradition, as we celebrate the struggles of working people locally and throughout the world.

Join us -- with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours -- on Sunday, May 4, and add your voice and presence to the growing numbers of people in Montreal and beyond who are demanding "STATUS FOR ALL!"

READ BELOW for more info about how you can help support the march.
The poster for the May 4 Status for All march is linked HERE.

Organized by Solidarity Across Borders, in collaboration with the Immigrant Workers Center (IWC) and Mayworks! Endorsed and supported by: The "Accommodate This!" Campaign * Les Apatrides Anonymes * L'Association des locataires de Villeray (ALV) * Bloquez l'empire Montréal * Le Centre des femmes d'ici et d'ailleurs * Center for Philippine Concerns * Le Collectif Opposé à la brutalité policière (COBP) * Le Comité pour les droits humains en Amérique latine (CDHAL) * Le Comité des sans-emploi Montréal-centre * Committee in support of Abdelkader Belaouni * La Coalition Justice pour Adil Charkaoui * La Coalition Justice pour Anas * DIRA Bibliothèque Anarchiste * Ici La Otra Montréal * Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee * Lamour Workers Support Committee * March 8th Committee of Women of Diverse Origins * Midnight Kitchen * No One Is Illegal-Montreal * People's Global Action Bloc (Montréal & Ottawa) * La Pointe Libertaire * PINAY (The Filipina Women's Organization of Montreal) * Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie (PASC) * Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG Concordia & McGill) * Q-Team Montréal * Les Sorcières * South Asian Women's Community Center (SAWCC) * STELLA Sex Workers Organization * Tadamon! Montréal * Tamil Elders Association of Quebec * Tamil Women's Association of Quebec * Union Locale de Montréal - NEFAC

INFO: – 514-848-7583 –

For background to previous migrant justice marches in Montreal (2003-2007), click HERE.


We encourage your group and organization to endorse the May 4 "STATUS FOR ALL" demonstration, and to mobilize within your networks. If you endorse the demonstration, please let us know at or 514-848-7583.

We also encourage you to announce the demonstration on your e-mail lists, blogs and websites, and at your meetings and events. If you would like to invite someone from Solidarity Across Borders to address your group, please get in touch! We can offer presentations about issues concerning migration, poverty and racism, ranging from 10 minutes to full 2-hour workshops.

If you need flyers and posters to mobilize within your networks, you can visit QPIRG-Concordia (1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204, métro Guy-Concordia, tel: 514-848-7583) or the Immigrant Workers Center (6420 Victoria, #9, métro Plamondon, tel: 514-342-2111).

We also have promotional materials in Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog, Tamil, Farsi, Russian and other languages; get in touch to access these materials.


We encourage you to get involved in the organizing of the May 4 "STATUS FOR ALL" march and demonstration. We have an active OUTREACH committee that is meeting people door-to-door in the Cote-des-Neiges area, as well as actively flyering and postering throughout Montreal. As well, we have an ART committee that will be creating images and banners to carry our message during the demonstration. To get involved, e-mail or phone 514-848-7583.

You can also meet us face-to-face at our weekly meetings at the Immigrant Worker's Center (6420 Victoria, #9, métro Plamondon), on MONDAY, APRIL 21 and MONDAY, APRIL 28 at 6:30pm.

We also encourage you to join us at our next COMMUNITY DINNER this FRIDAY, APRIL 18 at 6:30pm at the Cote-des-Neiges Community Center (5347 chemin Côte-des-Neiges, métro Côte-des Neiges). There will be tasty food, music, films and good company, as we together share our struggles of resistance and survival.


The Status for All March will include several contingents in support of immigrant justice that will also highlight issues supported by Solidarity Across Borders. Confirmed contingents include:

The RED UMBRELLA Bloc: The red umbrella symbolizes opposition to violence against sex workers, including migrant sex workers. Organized by Stella, a sex workers' support and justice organization, by and for sex workers. Info:

The PINK Bloc: The pink bloc is a contingent made up of queer-trans-allies marching as members of, and in solidarity with, migrant communities. We are committed to understanding systems of power and domination as interlinked. We're coming out, in pink, to denounce all oppressions, and demand status for all!! Folks are invited to wear pink and join the pink bloc! Organized by Q-Team. Info:

JUSTICE FOR ADIL Bloc: The Justice For Adil Bloc will highlight opposition to racial profiling, Islamophobia secret trials and two-tiered justice. Organized by the Justice for Adil Charkaoui Coalition. Info:

JUSTICE FOR KADER Bloc: Kader Belaouni, a refugee claimant originally from Algeria, has been in sanctuary in the Saint-Gabriel's Church in Point-St-Charles for more than two years. Kader can't attend the Status for All demonstration, but his supporters will, marching together as part of the Justice for Kader Bloc. Organized by the Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni. Info:

The PALESTINE SOLIDARITY Bloc: In opposition to Israeli apartheid, in support of Palestinian refugees, and in defence of the right of return of all Palestinians to their homeland, we will march together as part of the Palestine Solidarity Bloc. Organized by Tadamon! Montreal. Info:


The Status for All March is the culmination of Mayworks, a festival of working class and immigrant culture, based in Cote-des-Neiges, taking place between April 25 to May 4. The full Mayworks! program is linked HERE.

MAY 1st

Solidarity Across Borders is also endorsing the Anti-Capitalist Mayday demonstration, and encourages our allies to attend: Thursday, May 1st, 6pm, Corner of Ontario and Valois (metro Joliette). Info:


You can also support our efforts with a donation; whether $20, $50, $100 or more, your donation will help us meet our expenses. If you can donate, please make a cheque out to "Solidarité sans frontières" and send to the address below. Alternatively, to arrange cash donations, just contact us by e-mail or phone.

Cheques can be sent to:
Soldiarité sans frontières
c/o QPIRG-Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204

INFO: – 514-848-7583 –

Immigrant rights are workers rights! No borders, no nations, stop the deportations!