Friday, January 12, 2007

About Solidarity Across Borders

Solidarity Across Borders

Solidarity Across Borders is a Montreal-based network engaged in the struggle for justice and dignity of immigrants and refugees. We are comprised of migrants, immigrants, refugees and allies, and come together in support of our main demands: the regularization of all non-status people (Status for All!), an end to deportations and detentions, and the abolition of security certificates.

Some of us have direct experiences with the immigration and refugee system; some of us come from immigrant backgrounds; all of us organize as part of a collective struggle for justice and dignity.

In the past several years, we have persistently campaigned for justice: we have organized pickets, demonstrations and actions; we have actively resisted deportations, and supported individuals and families who are confronting an unjust immigration system; we have organized cultural events, and produced newspapers and popular education materials; we have written hundreds of letters and collected thousands of signatures; we have intervened in the public debates on immigrant rights and also directly confronted the decision-makers responsible for removals and detentions.

We have successfully fought deportations and detentions, but have also seen our family members and friends permanently removed from our lives. We organize for all those who have been removed, extradited, detained, forced underground, forced into sanctuary or victimized by security certificates and secret trials. Inspired by those who have resisted deportations, we continue to mobilize for all who continue to fight against detentions, deportations and security certificates.

In June 2005 we marched for one-week from Montreal to Ottawa to demand a full and inclusive regularization program for all non-status people, based on twelve principles endorsed by the Solidarity Across Borders network and groups across Canada. In 2006, we helped organize the People’s Commission into Immigration “Security” Measures, as well as a National Day of Action demanding “Status for All!” in conjunction with allies in Vancouver and Toronto.

Solidarity Across Borders, an all-volunteer organization, formed in the summer of 2003, and was initiated by migrant rights groups in Montreal, in conjunction with their allies and supporters. We came together to build on ongoing grassroots efforts in Montreal, led and directed by migrant communities themselves. Solidarity Across Borders has grown and evolved to be a network of migrants and allies, working together on campaigns and actions. Our demands and day-to-day work are supported by many local immigrant rights and community groups.

We reject the divide and rule tactics of politicians, and the division between “good” and “bad” immigrants perpetuated by certain advocacy groups.

Instead of the fear and paranoia promoted by the government and its police agents, we organize to support each other, as part of a struggle for self-determination as migrants, supported by allies.

For us, there is no such thing as "illegal" human beings, only unjust laws and illegitimate governments. We organize not on the basis of pity or charity, but solidarity and mutual aid.

For every arbitrary detention, for every summary deportation, for every minute spent in jail without charge or trial, for every anxious and dehumanizing day spent waiting for status - all the days, months, years that the government has stolen from us - we will continue to organize and struggle, for justice and dignity. Join us to take back stolen time.

We refuse to be invisible; we refuse to live in fear. We demand STATUS FOR ALL and we organize to win.


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