Sunday, January 21, 2007

February 1: Popular Assembly: People's Commission on Immigration Security Measures

- Launch of Report and Follow-up Campaigns

Thursday, 1 February, 2007, at 6:30pm
3300 Crémazie East (métro St-Michel)

The PEOPLE'S COMMISSION on Immigration "Security" Measures held public hearings in Montreal from April 21-23, 2006. The nine Commissioners heard testimony from thirty individuals on the abuses which immigrants and refugees face in Canada in the name of "national security"; including racial profiling, denial of fair trials, use of secret evidence, indefinite and arbitrary detentions, labelling, and deportations to torture. Measures such as the 'security certificate' have raised broad concerns about expanding government powers of surveillance and control advancing under cover of the "war on terror". To view photo-essay of public hearings:

The PEOPLE's COMMISSION was launched in the lead up to the Supreme Court hearing on the constitutionality of security certificates, by grassroots organisations, to provide an alternative, popular forum for our communities to consider these issues, as they affect us, from the starting point of our own experiences of security.

An Executive Summary was released in June 2006, containing the Commissioners' findings and recommendations in the following areas: (1) National security, equality and racial profiling, (2) Due process, (3) Detention, and (4) Deportation. The Executive Summary made recommendations for government and for popular action.

The complete report will be launched at a POPULAR ASSEMBLY on 1 February 2007 at 3300 Crémazie East (St. Michel metro). The Popular Assembly will organise follow up on the recommendations as part of our growing struggle against immigration security measures and expanding government powers.

If you wish to participate in any stage of the development of these popular education materials, please email:

For more information: or 514.859.9023.


1-Introduction and overview of findings of the report. (20min.)

2-Updates (20 min total)
-Six nations land struggle
-Immigration regime
-Targetting of Muslim and Arab communities
-Specific cases:
· Sogi Bachan Singh
· Suleyman Goven
· Amparo Torres (TBC)
· Security Certificate detainees

3-Recommendations of the commission (20 min. total)
- Equality
- Due Process
- Detention
- Deportation and Torture

4-Break out groups (1.5 hours total)
-Popular education kit from Commission
-People's watchdog of CSIS
-Close Guantanamo north campaign
-Other suggestions

5-Round up of action points, point people, calendar of dates (25 min.)

6-Next assembly (launch of Pop Ed Kit in April) (5 min.)