Thursday, June 7, 2007

LAL: Interference to Deportation

An interview with LAL on their latest project Deportation

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Deportation the latest project of LAL, was shown to an audience in downtown montreal this past April 14TH.

The project, which takes its name from the Toronto band’s upcoming album (Public Transit Records), also incorporates the works of new-media artist and filmmaker Faisal Anwar,

LAL’s music is the outcome of a collaboration between vocalist Rosina Kazi, electronic music composer and producer Nick Murray(a.k.a. “Murr”), bassist Ian DeSouza, percussionist Rakesh

The multi-arts installation “Deportation” explored the suffocating role technology plays in our day-to-day lives. Galvanized by their audience’s participation, LAL, their guests, and hi-tech partners raised awareness about the global state of surveillance and its ramifications, artfully opening up debates that are traditionally confined to academic circles alone.

LAL’s latest project deportation builds upon their own activism and life experiences,as finding them selves in a world after September 11th and its aftermath. From project threadbare a campaign to stop the deportation of 24 Pakistani men in Toronto due to racist immigration and national security policies, to the deportation of Wendy Maxwell. An artist, activist who was deported to Costa Rica on International Women’s day in Toronto in 2004.

This was report was produced by Mostafa Henaway for ckut 90.3fm in Montreal

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