Sunday, April 1, 2007

meanwhile at the borders...

this page documents incidents where immigrants have died while trying to enter Europe. the list is by no means complete as it only contains incidents that have been reported in the media. most of the deaths at the border never make it into the papers. also it only counts confirmed deaths while in incidents at sea (which make up the majority of the cases) there are often substantial amounts of people who are missing or unaccounted for. it is safe to assume that most of them have also died.

Since we started collecting such incidents here in december 2002 the number of victims has risen to 2050.

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new: visual representation of the incidents in google earth. download the .kml file with the geographic locations of the incidents here (right click to download the file - you need to have google earth installed on your computer to open the file. google earth is a free download from google)

28.Mar.07: turkish border security forces have found the bodies of seven migrants who had frozen to death in the east of the country after crossing the border from Iran. the bodies of the seven men were discovered in a mountainous area in the province of Van, on the border with Iran. (source:

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