Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Call for Support Ojibway Warrior Society



This call goes out to our brothers and sisters across Turtle Island to support the actions of my friends and relatives who are currently besieged by the colonialist government and its oppressive regime who together are undertaking a methodical and calculated form of genocide against my relations. Their current means of attack against our elderly, women and children is through the form of or extension of a neo-colonialist government other wise known as the chief and council of Iskatewiiaagigun #39, who through there own ignorance or wisdom that guides them is perpetuating the extermination policy against their very own relations. I cannot condemn them for their behavior and ignorance as publicly displayed in their correspondence towards our people ( see ) due to their lack of knowledge in their history and familial ties which goes back for generations, after all they are in fact helping us with our struggle with their documentation and their most recent plan to blockade us from leaving our homes for food medical reasons. I also do not condone their actions of interference simply based on my inherent right to travel freely across my own territory in my own nation on Turtle Island. This is not our way. We are not the enemy. I am very proud of the courage of my elders, women, youth and children to rise against any further oppression and injustices directed to them. My relations have always been humble and proud even through all the injustices that have confronted them, which continue to this day. This tiny community has always been a strong supporter of other communities who have seen there liberties and basic rights placed in jeopardy, this tiny community is my home, my place of strength, the home of most warriors who have seen action in many different territories, it is from this community men have been deployed to represent the ojibway nation within the Warrior Alliance to assist and support other nations in their time of need. This community that stood with others now need your support in their struggle for basic human rights and their fight for survival.

They are taking their plight on the road from Shoal Lake Ontario to create awareness and to seek justice for their rightful cause, this journey will take them along the railroad that was built to cause the beginning of the struggle, to the point where the tracks cross the highway between Hadashville and Prawda, Manitoba. At this point an encampment will be set up and will receive the initial media crews that will be arriving, during this time a drum has been invited as part of our protocol with everything around us, from there they will pack up the following day and march down the trans Canada highway with the sounds of the drum into Winnipeg and arriving at the forks as their final destination.

We will of course be responsible for the safety and security of the walkers for the duration of this action but will gladly accept additional support and assistance.

Other ways you can show your support can be by any of the following means:

1. Joining the march
2. joining the drum
3. providing water or snacks
4. donating food
5. letters of support ( send e-mails to )
6. calls for support ( to voice your support call 1-204-427-3861 leave mesassage, will return all calls)
7. provide support vehicle
8. help organize reception at the forks
9. financial donations ( please call or e-mail number & address above to make arrangements )

The Federal Government has approved millions of dollars for the Museum of Human Rights to be built in the city of Winnipeg at the same time they deny us of our human rights just as they did when they approved the expropriation of our land in which we occupied at the time, to develop the intake that provides the city of Winnipeg its water supply, they have even violated our ancestors in their resting places our people are dying just to get on and off the man made island. The water leaving our land and lake is the blood of our people. It is ironic that water is their theme.

All our people are asking for is the right to get home.

All my relations,

Neogahbo, Elk Clan
Aka Daryl Redsky
Ojibway Warrior Society