Sunday, May 6, 2007

Video of Police attacks of NYC & LA May Day Immigrant & Workers Right Marches

LA police (including against fox reporters)

NYC (including confrontation with minutemen)

Media Advisory

LA May 1 Great American Boycott II Leaders
with Victims of LAPD Abuse
and National Lawyers Guild members
Denounce LAPD Violence and Announce
National Campaign in Defense of Immigrants Rights.

On Wednesday May 2nd at 4:00 PM, the LA March 25 Coalition;
victims of police violence and misconduct; and members of the
hunger strike to end raids and deportations held a press conference
to denounce the May 1 police abuse against the immigrant
community and project the future of the immigrant rights
movement. That future perspective will take into account the
march of 10's of thousands that marched yesterday at the
May 1st Boycott starting at Olympic & Broadway, constituting the
largest demonstration in Los Angeles since May Day 2006. Members
of the national committee of the National May 1 Movement for
Worker and Immigrant Rights responsible for building the marches
of 100's of thousands across the nation discussed future plans in
defense of the immigrant community against such attacks by
local police and government.