Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rescued migrants are bound for Senegal on board a Spanish hospital ship

Apr 25, 2007 - 9:59 PM
The Spanish hospital, Esperanza del Mar. Photo – EFE Archives.

They were rescued off the coast of Mauritania on Monday after a number had died on the journey from Senegal

The Spanish hospital ship ‘Esperanza del Mar’ was due to arrive in Senegal early on Thursday, with 89 illegal immigrants who were rescued from an immigrant cayuco off the coast of Mauritania on Monday.

A team from the International Migration Organisation was reported to be on standby in Dakar, to provide any necessary assistance.

Also on board the ship are the bodies of another two: one who was already dead when brought on board, and another who died on the journey.

The cayuco was first spotted by the Spanish fishing vessel, the ‘Segundo San Rafael.’ Its crew contacted Spanish authorities for help when they boarded the cayuco and found one body on board, and many others in poor health.

Some reports indicate that another ten passengers who originally set off in the cayuco from Senegal died on the journey, and their bodies were thrown overboard.

Mauritania, the nearest landfall, has refused permission for the immigrants to disembark there.